Boca Raton Storm Repair

Boca Raton Storm Damage Repair

Boca Raton Storm Repair

Boca Raton Storm Damage Repair | EES Restoration Boca Raton

Boca Raton Storm Damage Repair | EES Restoration Boca Raton | Our company specializes in storm damage repair services and more.

A customer recently called EES Restoration Boca Raton for help after a storm caused significant damage to their property. Strong winds broke a window and patio door glass, and standing water caused damage to outer walls. Our team quickly responded, assessing the damage, cleaning the affected area, and drying it out.

Thorough Inspection

Upon arrival, we thoroughly inspected the affected areas to gauge the damage. We carefully examined the window and patio door, assessing the broken glass and deciding on the best course of action. We considered repair options based on the customer’s preferences, replacing the glass and fixing the existing panes.

Boca Raton Storm Repair

Cleaning Process

After completing the assessment, we initiated the cleaning process. Our technicians used specialized tools and cleaning solutions to meticulously clean and dry the affected areas, ensuring the removal of debris or contaminants. This step was crucial to prevent further damage and ensure the durability of the repairs.

Boca Raton Storm Repair

Necessary Repairs

Following the cleaning process, we proceeded with the necessary repairs. We replaced the broken window and patio door glass with high-quality, durable materials capable of withstanding future storms. Our team also repaired storm-induced damage to outer walls, using appropriate materials and techniques to restore structural integrity.

Boca Raton Storm Repair
Boca Raton Storm Repair

Offering A Hassle Free Experience

Throughout the restoration process, we maintained open communication with the customer, providing regular updates on the progress. Our goal was to minimize inconvenience and offer a hassle-free experience.

Upon completing the repairs, we conducted a thorough inspection to ensure structural integrity and visual appeal. We ensured the work met the highest quality standards, leaving the customer’s property safe and secure.

EES Restoration Boca Raton delivered comprehensive storm damage restoration and repair services. From assessment to cleaning and repairs, our team showcased professionalism and expertise. The customer’s property was restored to its original condition, safeguarding it from further damage.

If you need help with storm damage restoration or any other restoration services, feel free to contact us at 866-366-1326.


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